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Holidays Lounge members say that with thousands of miles of bright crystal blue coastlines, Barbados stands out to be an underground playground for big kids and water babies.

There is plenty to see above and below the sea level. It is not necessary that you need to be a skilled diver to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Barbados as you can merely Snorkel in its calm and quiet waters that gives you the chance to come in contact with families of Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtle.

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Hawksbill Turtle

Holidays Lounge members say that if the tourist wants to enjoy the island’s colorful wildlife without getting wet, they can enjoy a ride in the Atlantis Submarine and start off on their voyage of discovery. Tourist can peek through the underground world throughout the 45 minutes narrated trip that takes you deep down, floating past exotic marine life and shipwrecks.

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Holidays Lounge recommends the thrill-seeking tourist to buckle up for an Island Safari adventure that is also suitable for the kids above four years

Animal lovers will love to watch the exotic Green Monkeys that hide up in the green trees, but for this, they need to get up early in the morning as this is the best time to see the entire family of green monkeys jumping from one tree to another. And as evening approaches you can hear the sounds of Barbados Whistling Frogs that create their musical rhythm. The best thing about these frogs is that you will not be able to see them, but you sure can hear their whistling sounds all night long.

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Whistling Frogs

The Flying Fish of Barbados is considered the national icon of the place. Though these Flying fishes have wings, they can’t fly like birds but just like a bird break through the water surface and fly’s up a short distance.

Holidays Lounge members love to bask in the beautiful white and pink sandy beaches of Barbados. Bottom Bay Beach is a favorite picnic spot among the locals as well as the tourists while the Mullins Beach is the perfect hangout for the snorkelers who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

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