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Holidays Lounge knows that the Dominican destinations are global villages regarding its first people and culture as they are a unique mixture of the past and present. At Holidays Lounge they always enlighten you and offer you the fun and entertainment that you look for in a holiday.

Holidays Lounge also get VIP concierge one on one service making sure everyone gets to experience all of the Underwater worlds that are spread around in the turquoise waters of Puerto Plata.

Holidays Lounge The Laid-Back Caribbean Feel

Simply name your desires and Holidays Lounge is ready to fulfill them

We understand and know that beautiful  Punta Cana is known for its white sandy beaches, idyllic setting and its luxurious all-inclusive resorts that radiate a laid-back feel that many tourists associate with a Caribbean vacation.

Most of the Holidays Lounge resorts have expansive grounds, tropical foliage, and flowers that create a tropical paradise type feel. Aside from enjoying water sports and its beaches, Punta Cana has a lot of exciting attractions to show off.

Our travel experts advise the roving travelers to pack a small first-aid kit with all the essential medications such as antacids and Tylenol. As over the counter medicines are expensive in the Dominican Republic, and it is always best if you carry a  daily dose with you so that you don’t end up running around and wasting your precious holiday searching for the prescribed medication.

Holidays Lounge The Laid-Back Caribbean Feel 2

Caribbean wild beach

Holidays Lounge members remind tourists to pack their sunglasses and sunblock as the sun is very intense in Puerto Plata and even the most seasoned tanners get sunburnt if they are not careful. You should also carry a mosquito repellant and a lightweight nylon jacket for a rainy day.

Leave your bulky towels and gear at home as most resorts provide you with fresh towels daily and even offer free snorkeling gear and non- motorized water sports to keep you busy and entertained all throughout your holiday.

Our members say that when buying gifts and souvenirs remember to pick up amber and mahogany wood carvings as they are quite extraordinary and will turn out as great gifts to take back home.

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