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Holidays Lounge reports that the Acropolis was initially known as Cecropia, a name derived from the legendary Cecrops, a serpent man, who was the first Athenian King. This ancient citadel which was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987, is home to a group of monuments that have been very influential all the way from Antiquity to Neo-Classicism. It contains the remains of some ancient buildings of great historical and architectural significance.

From around 8 BC the Acropolis slowly developed a religious character. It’s at this time that the Athenian cult was established. Athena was the patron goddess of the city. This marked a significant turn because the city’s religious ambiance influenced how the activities and constructions were carried out. It is this influence that has defied the passage of time and is still leaving its footprints even on modern construction history. It is no wonder that the Acropolis still presents inspiration and awe to modern-day visitors.

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Holidays Lounge recommends visiting Odeon of Herodes Attiacus Acropolis

Inside the Acropolis, one of the main attractions is the Parthenon. This former temple dedicated solely to the Greek goddess Athena is a majestic ruin known for its perfect sense of proportion and elegant white marble. The Erechtheion is the second largest temple here and has a unique and complex structure including the famous Porch of the Caraytis. This structure is still mostly intact and presents an excellent location for fantastic photo opportunities according to Holidays Lounge.

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Panorama of the famous ruins of Acropolis

The Propylaea was, and remains, an awe-inspiring site to this day, and it offers a superb view of Athens city below as well. The Temple of Athena is the earliest iconic building found at Acropolis. This tiny temple of the goddess of victory aptly depicts the assemblies of the gods and Greek battles against their enemies the Boetians and the Barbarians. This temple is one of the few in this place currently without scaffolding.

Holidays Lounge recommends that visitors view the museum before visiting the temples. Seeing the actual artifacts and learning the story behind them and the amazing restoration process will add knowledge and appreciation to your visit. Attractions here include artifacts of everyday life, votives Caryatids, and statutes from the archaic period. The museum is very modern and spacious. All the windows have a view of the Acropolis, and there is a short film that explains the history of the site in detail.

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Night view of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Holidays Lounge also recommends that visitors wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and sunglasses to make your experience more pleasant. Also, remember to take a good camera as this is one place where the photo opportunities are almost endless.