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Holidays Lounge knows that sometimes when you are traveling, you are so engrossed in sightseeing or can’t keep your belongings with you. This, in particular, is true if you are flying. The best option for when you are flying to avoid mishaps is to make sure that you put all your personal belongings that contain valuable identity information and other valuables into a purse or a carry-on bag.

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Holidays Lounge suggests keeping your documents into a purse or a carry-on bag

This will allow you to bring your belongings on the plane with you instead of going through the cargo hold and being handled by several pairs of hands by the staff of the airplane.

Holidays Lounge knows that, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of these workers are honest and reliable. The air carriers do perform background checks, but that does not mean that they won’t steal from you once they have acquired the position with the airline.

In this situation, you do have recourse to get your belongings back, and you should probably report it right away not only to the airline, airport and the police.

You should report it to the scam prevention team at your credit card company and the scam squad for the government to get replacement cards for your id, passport, and any other information. That way you will get new cards, and they can stop the fraudulent use of your old ones.

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Holidays Lounge notes that the best method is prevention, however, which means follow the above advice and use a carry-on bag. You should not put it into the overhead compartment either; keep it on your person at all times and within eyesight. If you want to use, your overhead makes sure it is the one directly above you.

Always keeps your med’s with you not ever in checked baggage.

Keep copies of your passport and never carry it on you and limited the number of credit cards and cash while walking around. stay vigilant at all times, and you should have a pleasant and safe vacation.

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