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Holidays Lounge is a top provider of luxury vacation packages to its membership base, with a team of travel experts ready to assist in the planning and booking of your next holiday. Holidays Lounge has a wide array of members that include singles, couples, and families, so they have a multitude of destinations and accommodations to please every type of traveler.

Holidays Lounge has found that the latest trend in traveling seems to include an affinity for staying in condo type accommodations.

The condo type of housing has become the number one request in the past few years as people have discovered how much better it is to stay in a fully equipped condo while on vacation rather than a smaller hotel room for a multitude of reasons.

The experts at Holidays Lounge Have determined that there are several reasons why most of their members now prefer to stay at resorts with condos rather than traditional hotels. First, the resorts with condos tend to have more amenities such as restaurants, sun decks, pools and activities for children than the regular hotels offer. They also seem to have better locations such as beaches, ski slopes, and lakefront properties.

When on vacation, whether as a couple or as a family, members of Holidays Lounge like to have extra room so people can spread out. They want to have a sitting area, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen beside the bedrooms. The accommodations with in-room kitchens have become one of the most requested amenities, especially for families traveling with children. Imagine how much money they save by not having to eat out at restaurants three times a day. Plus, if you have someone with food allergies or diet restrictions you can be more confident in what they are eating when you cook it yourself.

Also, even for singles or couples, Holidays Lounge has found an increase in requests for accommodations with kitchens when they are booking vacations. Just having the ability to stay in and have a casual breakfast or be stocked with late night snacks and drinks after you return from a full day’s adventure makes it worth it to them. And as people are generally eating better, they like the idea of making their food from fresh ingredients they have chosen themselves.

So for all these reasons and more, Holidays Lounge is happy to offer its membership travel accommodations that suit many different needs. So if you’re looking for that big condo to fit the whole family or you’d like a hotel with room service and a daily maid, just call the experts at Holidays Lounge and let them help you book your next vacation.


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